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An unpublished children's story, Fuzzy Slippers is a  magical story for all ages.

The fictional characters are based in part on composites of real animals--stuffed or alive, and people, --stuffy or lively, whom I have known.


The tale is about the adventures of a pair of puppy slippers.  Neglected and unappreciated in the wrong house they finally succeed in finding a new home,  with the help of their friends... a stuffed dog, a cat, a clothespin doll, and a pet rock.

View PDFs available:

1. Available now: "Title  & Contents pages.  2 pages

2.  Available now: " Fuzzy Slippers" the story (c) 1998 is about 22 pages.


3. Available now: "Title & Contents of sequel, "Fuzzy Slippers Go Camping"

4. Available now:  the sequel, "Fuzzy Slippers Go Camping" (c) 2000 is about 33 pages.

5.Not able to post: "Fuzzy Slippers Picture Book", 15 pages fuzzy_telling_their_story.jpg

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