Closed_Gentian.jpg   Feeling a bit weighed down by too many meetings and too much e-mail, I decided to take a short Nature Break to lift my spirits, and to answer the question:  Was the Closed Gentian in bloom?   Discovery:  Yes, indeed, a flowery September is in progress.  Spring wildflowers are special, but September is when the show gets Spectacular!

  3:30 PM Wednesday.

Dear Friends,

Sept. 12, 2007

 Boalsburg Nature Break

    Starting on the Boalsburg Nature Trail one can see how the Riparian Restoration has improved the banks of upper Spring Creek, making it much friendlier for wildflowers, butterflies, birds, etc. Tall Goldenrod interspersed with lovely Asters of bright pink, purple, and calico -- the scene fills my flower-hungry eyes.


   About 35 paces after leaving the open mowed grass near the picnic shelter, I found the Great Blue Lobelia, Lobelia syphilitica.  Only one plant was visible from the trail, and it was halfway knocked over, but it was still there, and in bloom.  Continuing on down the left bank trail, I crossed the plank bridge over Heritage Run, and began looking for the closed Gentian.  As I walked, I enjoyed yellow coneflowers, doll's eye, scarlet seedhead on a jack-in-the-pulpit, and the gentle temperature and balmy blue of an early fall day.

     After 270 (shorthiker) paces I found the Gentians, surviving quietly in their place -- not super-abundantly, but well-enough.  I smiled and communed tacitly with a glowing goldfinch who was gorging himself on wild thistle seeds.


    Thus refreshed,  I hurried home to tell my friends about it.  Don't overlook the Boalsburg Nature Trail this fall.

                   Jean Aron

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